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Our mission is to make the process of real estate investing, buying, or selling a home an efficient, enjoyable, and rewarding process for our clients. In addition to local clients , we have also represented many out-of-state and international clients in real estate transactions. With our dedication and hard work, we strive to gain our clients’ trust and credence. Customer satisfaction is certainly our number one priority. Here are some of the testimonials I have received from my clients.

Leena Wong
Realty Links, LLC


To Whom It May Concern:

I am very happy and glad that Leena Wong has been my Realtor for my purchase of few complexes and new homes in Austin and Round Rock, Texas.

Leena is more than a Realtor. She honestly and whole heartily goes the extra miles to achieve for my best interest in regards to investment. Not only is she is very responsive, hardworking, a good negotiator, extremely approachable, the most unpretentious Realtor, a genuinely warm human being but also I find her to be very client-focused rather than commission-focused. On top of these strengths and her top notch characters, she is sharp, creative and knowledgeable. She has many years of working experience outside of real estate and this has given her an edge in mastering the strategy of good investment and business.As an out of state investor,it is imperative for me to have a trustworthy,reliable Realtor like Leena Wong. I highly recommend her to be your Realtor.

Patrick Yau of California

Subject:  Letter of Appreciation


Dear Leena,

It is with pleasure and sincere appreciations that we write to thank you for helping us acquire yet another rental property to add to our real estate investment portfolio.  Once again, you have demonstrated your innate ability to sense good buys, and your unwavering confidence in your recommendations buttressed our faith to invest in four properties in Austin,Texas.Thank you for your professional guidance in steering us through this whole process.Since we are not residents in Austin, Texas, we had to rely totally on your expertise in finding the right properties for us, amongst which three of the four properties are for the purpose of rental income.

Throughout the entire process of searching for the properties, to finalizing the transactions, you demonstrated your in-depth knowledge of the realty estate market in Austin, TX.  You kept us constantly informed of the progress of your negotiations with the seller, and ensured that we had a complete understanding the positive and negative aspects of each prospective acquisition to help facilitate our decision-making.

In helping us secure the rental properties, you clearly explained the situation of the rental market in Austin, TX and recommended prudent investments of good values that would be easy to rent out for income.  Your follow-up referral to a competent management company (GD International LLC) for management of our rental properties gave us the confidence that our rental properties can indeed fetch the projected investment returns that you explained to us.

There is no doubt we will definitely seek your service again should we choose to buy/sell properties in Austin TX in the future.  Likewise, we will not hesitate to refer you to anyone who would be interested in property purchase/sale in Austin TX.  It is our good fortune to find a person of your honesty and integrity to help us with our investments.  Not only have you demonstrated your professional abilities impeccably, we also find you to be a very caring and personable individual.  You always put your client’s interests first, which makes it easy to relate to you as a friend than a real estate agent because we can openly discuss and seek your advice before finalizing any decision.Your earnests and integrity will ensure a steady stream of ongoing referrals from satisfied customers.  Once again, our deepest appreciation and sincere wishes for continued success in all your future endeavors.


 Kam MAK & Tong Law (Hong Kong)


It is with the greatest pleasure and a sense of gratitude that I look back over the last two years that we have worked together in Colonial Place.

Our interactions and your clients have been among the most fun and challenging I’ve had.

What is it that has made our business together so special and unique? It must be your enthusiasm, honesty, motivation, and persistence that put you in a class of your own! When I reflect on this, I find that I look forward to the next transaction with even more anticipation.

Your clients really have a hard worker on their side when they are blessed to have you as their realtor.

Thank you for your business and friendship. I can always count on it being a win-win for everyone involved when you come in the door.


Darrin Roush of Colonial Place Sales
Capital Pacific Homes


It was my pleasure to have Leena as my realtor.
I recall the first time I met Leena Wong. It was 2008, and I had driven from Tyler, TX, to Austin in order to meet up with my son who had flown in from Taiwan to attend a conference.
Purchasing real estate was a totally new experience for me. We decided to let my son be the buyer. Because my son was only staying in Austin for one week for his conference and had to fly back to Taiwan immediately afterward, I needed to have my son’s POA (Power Of Attorney) in order to have the full authority to sign closing papers for the purchase of a condo in Austin.
The entire procedure of transactions was complicated. It took more time and effort than a “normal” transaction would but despite the difficulties, Leena completed the case beautifully. From then on, I started to know Leena better little by little and to trust Leena more and more.
I moved to Austin in February 2010, and got more chance and time to talk with Leena  face to face. The more we talked, the more I learned from her, and the more I appreciated her. I was deeply moved that Leena always put her clients first, not her business first. She deals with every case as if she herself is the buyer, not the realtor. Her attitude (always prioritizing clients' interests over commissions) gains her clients’ trust. It’s clear that she herself definitely enjoys the rewards of being trusted.
Nowadays, Leena still helps me with property investment. I have to say I am committed to Leena as long as I need a realtor. TRUSTWORTHINESS is the most important thing when you look for a realtor. Leena is the person you need to help you to reach your goal regardless of investing , buying, or selling a property. You will be satisfied with her service. I highly recommend her to be your Realtor.


Alice Chang

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